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We prepare and file patent applications and represent inventors before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  We can analyze inventions in view of patentability search results and help inventors decide if worthwhile patent protection may be available.  Our goal is to provide high quality, cost-effective, patent representation to inventors.

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Inventor Services, LLC
3601 East Hermes Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
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Last Update: February 1, 2016

Vigorous patent related help for inventors from Inventor Services, LLC
3601 East Hermes Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah  84124
We help inventors patent their inventions.

At Inventor Services, LLC, we primarily help inventors go through the process of obtaining patent protection.  Our clients range from large Companies to individual inventors.  We pride ourselves on helping inventors obtain robust patent protection at an unbeatably low cost.  Our services are even cost effective enough for other patent Firms to use, on an overflow basis, and still make money. 

We are able to provide cost-effective patent protection by maintaining a low overhead.  The pricing structure we employ is thought to be ruthlessly cut-throat and inexpensive for the work product and service you receive.  If you find a better deal, please let us know.  That said, you are guaranteed to get a lot of bang for your buck.  Our goal is to file a patent application that claims every scrap of coverage available for your invention.  Assuming that your invention is patentable, we vigorously prosecute the application before the USPTO until it issues as a patent. 

BCT photo; link to resumeInventor Services, LLC is a company owned and operated by Brian C. Trask, PE.  Brian is a Federally registered patent agent and licensed Professional Engineer with B.S.M.E. and M.S.M.E. degrees from the University of Utah.  Brian's engineering work experience includes design and analytical work in aerospace and product and process development in general industry totalling over 10 years.  He learned the patent trade by serving an apprenticeship under a prominent local patent attorney (his father).  Brian passed both of the Utah Professional Engineer licensing exam and the Federally licensed patent bar on his first attempts, and has been working full-time as a patent agent since 1997.

Inventor Services, LLC can help you with all your patent related work, including applying for US and/or foreign patent protection, searching the prior art and assessing the potential scope for claims in your patent application, recording an assignment of your patent application (or issued patent) with the USPTO, evaluating the scope of claims of issued patents for an infringement analysis of a commercial device, enlarging the scope of claims in a patent by prosecution of a reissue application, filing and prosecuting reexamination requests to contest the scope of claims in issued patents (invalidating patents), and research and analysis to support patent infringement litigation.  Inventor Services, LLC has a working relationship with several prominent local attorneys for certain legal services other than patent-related services.

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